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 Post subject: Lost Temple
PostPosted: 3/23/11 6:20 pm 
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6 man in Trollshaws

Trash mobs to start - info to come.

Bosses 1 ~ Sidhad & Angaidh
(white and red)

Sidhag heals herself at 50k health - she heals about 20k = however if you keep the two bosses' morale nearly the same, they will not heal.

LM can use Windlore on Sidhag to cut her ranged damage.

Fear soup helpful

Gold Ringed Bracelet: 56 Agility, 51 ICPR, 23 Vit, 23 Might

Trash Pulls:

Disease - -75% healing
Disease with 'green face' - move away to use potion to remove or the disease spreads.


Kill immediately or the disappear and a signature will show up to replace them.

Interrupting can stop them from disappearing.

Baby maggots turn into face huggers when they disappear - 387 damage every 3 seconds for 15 seconds and then the big maggot show up. Using a potion will cause the facehugger to fall off - and you can kill it before it disappears again.

Use line of sight as needed.

Bosses 2 - Group of 3 in Three Rooms

Mul Duin First

Vernun Thislethorn Second

Trash pull between 2 & 3 - includes wights, troll and rot maggots, that will spawn the signature.


Ferndur the Virulent
3rd boss

Tier 2 (aka hardmode) - you must raise the dead.

Red eyes +threat/damage. Keep it.

Disease with greens faces- run away and use potion or it will spread.

Disease with Blue plus sign - you can ignore so your disease potions are available for more severe potions.

Disease with Green plus sign - remove - negative healing incoming/outgoing (-75%)

Green/yellow eyeball - drops red cloud - run to wall - drop red cloud to raise the dead. Drop it around the room like a clock to get all the dead.

Hard to keep aggro at first - let tank get aggro so they do not get a green/yellow eye.

Baby Rot Maggots - will appear - take down immediately or you will get big Maggots.


The Lost Temple
Defeat Ferndur the Virulent

500 DP
7 Medallions

Challenge: The Lost Temple - Clean Sweep
Destroy all the corpses before defeating Ferndur

5 Medallions


Champion of the Lost Temple
Complete other deeds.
Rewards: Medallions, Title "Champion of the Lost Temple"
15 TP

Lost Temple: Synchronized Slaughter
Defeat Angaidh and Sidhag within ten seconds of eachother.
5 Medallions
Title: Swift Executioner
15 TP

Lost Temple: Ferndur's Defeat
Defeat Ferndur
Title: Bane of the Plague Lord
15 TP

Lost Temple: One Ill Turn..
Defeat Brigands in th Lost Temple (75)
Title "Soother of Misery"
15 TP

Lost Temple: The Sick and Dead
Defeat Wights witint the crypts of the Lost Temple (150)
Title: Purger of the Infestation
15 TP

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 Post subject: Re: Lost Temple - Tier 2
PostPosted: 3/26/11 3:21 pm 

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