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 Post subject: Inn of the Forsaken
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Three Man, found at the Forsaken Inn

This instance is quite challenging, but much like Hall of Mirrors, while its mechanics seem crazy, they'll be boring once you've got them figured out.

I'll only mention how a few things work, and leave it to you to figure out how to put those things together:

Riddle Doors:
When you click on one of these, it'll pop up a riddle. You have to pick the correct /emote to trigger the door to open. Once it opens, it stays open. If members of your party try 3 times to emote a door open and fail, the riddle changes, so that perhaps you'll get an easier one. For example, "My colour is white, my hope all but vanished. Let those that see spare me, or perhaps just banished." /Surrender to the door.

Strange Runes:
Mostly informational, a rune will occasionally provide clues about other things in the area. These can be read by Loremasters, Minstrels, or Runekeepers.

Hidden Doors:
Only occasionally during the instance, there are hidden doors that can be opened. These are usable by Champions, Guardians, and Wardens.

Traps: There are two kinds of trap in the instance - the spinning traps (you've encountered these in Moria, west of Orc Watch) and spike traps where spikes shoot out of the ground. Some are triggered by proximity, especially after the 2nd riddle door, but most are triggered by gray pressure plates. Many of these can be simply walked around, but for the times when they can't, there's a large gear "trap mechanism" that can disable them temporarily. Watch out, as the first place you encounter the spinning traps has the grey pressure plates on the floor, and the spinning traps will kill your party quick. Traps are disabled by Hunters, Burglars, and Captains only.

Trap pressure plates are sometimes an integral part of the challenge - you'll have to figure out which ones to step on and which ones to avoid to continue and not die. The second room with spinning traps has this issue.

Bone Piles:
Yes, they're back. Not only do you have to face archer spawns in the trap-heavy areas, but bone piles spawn in many places and must be defeated. In fact, if you want the challenge, you have to intentionally pop all of them and defeat them, which is a pain in the rear. Bone Piles have a specific spawn rate to create skeleton adds, and after a certain number of adds (I want to say 4) they stop spawning.

Final boss fights:

First, you'll fight Umin. He is a human with 74,729 health.

He has two special abilities, both of which will stun those around and both of which have an induction. The first is "Now stand still so I can stomp you!" That's just the stun, feel free to interrupt it. The second is "I'll pound you into dust!" This one is important for a different reason. During phase 1 of his fight, he's a normal tank-and-spank. During phase 2, he becomes nearly invulnerable (I was only hitting him for 2 damage on dev crits). There are spike traps on the floor again here. After he does the "pound" one (if you don't interrupt it), he'll become temporarily immobile. If he's over a spike trap when that happens, and one of the characters jumps onto the trap pressure plate, spikes will shoot up and temporarily smack him out of his invulnerability. Once he turns green at the end of the fight, he'll go stand next to a spinning trap - trigger the other pressure plate to finish him off.

As you come into the area, the spike plate is on the left, the spinning plate is on the right.

Next, you'll have to fight the Spirit of the Necklace. The Spirit constantly moves from one pressure plate to the other (meaning you'll have to avoid the traps - an easy task). He also has an induction that temporarily fears the party, and he has a ton of tactical damage he can do from range. At about half health, he'll tigger bone pile spawns from both sides of the room. Concentrate on the bone piles until they're all burned down, and then get back on the boss.

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