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 Post subject: Pits of Isengard Tiers 1 and 2
PostPosted: 11/17/13 2:47 am 
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Tier 1:

As you enter run straight forward and click on the lever, this will open up the door up the ramp on your right.

Head through but be careful there are pathers all over the place. Now you can do this in a few different ways: kill everything, or streamline

There are deeds for killing the rohirrim but they can also become your companions.

Kill everything: pretty straight forward - kill everything, unless youre a captain in yellow, dont try and pull it all at once. They hit hard. If you kill the Uruk before the rohirrim the rohirrim will tag along as your companions, BE WARNED - they do NOT path well and will pull things at random. You will notice 4 "huts" in this room - there will be 3 levers placed at random, all 3 must be pulled for the door at the end of the room to open up.

Streamline - you can usually get away by clearing relatively few mobs, you just have to pick and choose your battles and find which huts have the levers needing pulled.

Once you have cleared the door guards and proceeded to the next room, you will be at the first boss fight.


Before you lies a room with two pits on each side of a central walkway - the boss is in the center - once you get close he activates, so dont go near him.

If you fall in either of the pits its instant death - if you think your other two members can make it through the fight do not release you should be able to be rezzed.

The fight itself on T1 is relatively easy.

All you have to worry about are the wounds (500+ a tick) and the knockbacks.
Wherever you are in relative position to the boss you will be thrown exactly 180 degrees in the opposite direction. so say youre in a horizontal line with him you will just be tossed or thrown behind/infront of him. However, if youre at an angle and facing towards a pit, well, goodbye :P


This was one of the hardest fights on-level, even at 85. The fight is pretty much the same except his damage dealt goes through the roof, punts are more frequent and anyone is subject to them, and adds come from all over the place - they come in waves of 3-5 periodically - you need to kill them fast or your healer will drop.

After the boss dies a chest will appear and you will see 4 platforms light up, 2 on each side of the room.

This is where T1 and T2 slightly differ, apart from the first boss fight.

T1 you can only go through one wing. On the LEFT is the Acid Wing, on the RIGHT is Fire.


As you enter acid you will notice a few goblins in some green goo, try not to stand in the green goo its nasty aka its a minor DoT and reduces vitality. Its not too bad nowadays.

Clear the mobs and move on, you will see thorns a walking troll or two and some green clouds - this is the important part:

If a TROLL walks through the thorns (you can see this on their buff bar by waiting and watching) they will get a red thorn icon on their bar for a short duration if you attack the troll or the troll is engaged with this buff on it will do a massive 360 degree spike damage attack - it used to hurt but its not so bad these days. - still be on your toes. This mechanic is extremely important to remember for the boss fight. More on that later.

Regarding the clouds - if a mob runs through it any mob, it will spawn a limrafn that punts you all over the place - they are really annoying and they can hurt pretty bad. Try to kill the groups where they are and not range pull.

After killing X number of mobs you will get a stacking debuff on your bar, for Tier 1 you have to get this buff to Tier 3. After T3 is achieved words will appear saying a door is unlocked, you can run to the door and dont have to kill anything else if you so wish. As you approach the door, however, two trolls will rush out through thorns and do a nasty double spike, be ready for that, otherwise they arent bad.

Proceed through the hallway to the boss.


keep this guy in a straight line if you have to move him. If you can kill him before he drops an acid cloud, all the better.

Boss mechanics: He will punt you occassionally, he is a troll and has the same thorn mechanics with damage tripled from the thorn attack - so dont run all over the room keep it in a straight line if you're tanking.

He will say "Unnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngh" and will drop an acid cloud - as soon as you see the text and cloud run to the opposite end of the room keeping him out of the cloud, he will spawn multiple limrafn and in this fight is is bad because you will get punted all over the place and the boss will run through the thorns and its just not good.

Once he is dead loot the chest and you're good to go!

Tier 1 only allows you to complete one side per instance, Tier 2 you must clear both sides.


Once you have beaten the first boss as described above, proceed to the RIGHT and head on through.

This wing has a fun mechanic for the mobs - if you are NOT in melee range, you will be tossed all over the place - so you can imagine, you get punted or pulled once, youre pretty screwed.

There are places throughout where you can tag the mobs and quickly step behind an object for Line of Sight so you wont get punted otherwsie EVERYONE in the group has to move as one and be right on-top of each other.

Take whatever path youre comfortable with, again, getting to Tier 3 on the debuff.

Just be mindful of the punts and charging in. The mobs hit extremely hard so your healer needs to be ready to heal everyone, some of the attacks are 360 degree and hurt since everyone is in melee.

Again - this is all about the pulling mechanic, otherwise its pretty simple.

Head on through to the boss fight


It is another troll - this one is your traditional tank and spank. The boss doesnt move so thats easy - he does punt the tank from time to time though so dont be surprised if he does that.

He will put giant fire runes on the ground - dont stand in them, this has been made easy to see by the red boxes that accompany them now.

Kill him and congrats on the loot

TIER 2 Differences:

Acid and Fire

You must complete both wings within the same instance. This time, each side's debuff much reach Tier 4. So kill one or two extra groups of mobs beyond Tier 3 and you should be fine. That is the challenge - get both side's debuffs to Tier 4.

The main reason most folks ran this was for the Sarchol - a great cloak, cosmetically and practically.

"All that we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us."

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