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 Post subject: The Foundry
PostPosted: 11/17/13 2:50 am 
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General Note: A Lore-Master is very useful here because there are an obscene amount of stuns and it makes this instance that much easier.

Once the group is in and buffed, head forward and clear out the group making sure you do not pull the pathing goblin. If you do get aggro on the goblin, try to keep it CC'd from running down until all the other mobs are dead. If the goblin escapes, he will come back with a large troll.

The archers in each of the groups down the first ramp tend to mez the tank and healer, so make sure if you have an LM that SI is on them both at all times.

Have the tank pull the groups to the top of the ramp to avoid the other goblin walking up and down. Once all groups are dispatched you will need to hit a lever to open the first boss room.

Notice the 9 lava pits in the room and 3 Uruks at various points on the perimeter of the room.
If left alone, each Uruk will pull levers at random causing piles of junk to drop from the ceiling into each pit.
You do not want this happen if at all possible due to ease of killing.
Also of note, the squares on the walls will shoot jets of steam for anyone near them. They hurt. Dont stand in front of them if you can help it. Lastly, the boss will toss fire puddles from time to time on the person farthest away so everyone needs to be relatively close (within melee striking range) to negate this skill.

Now, have the tank aggro the boss and drag him to the close left square. At the same time, have 2 DPS pull the closest uruk on the left and the lone uruk on the right. Kill the uruks first then focus on the boss.
After a time, the boss will get a shield making him invulnerable to all damage. Have someone run to the levers on the left and pull the one furthest to the left as you face it, this will drop junk on the tank and boss, clearing the shield. Anyone within the square will get stunned. damage the boss again until the shield goes up again, the tank moves the boss to the next square over (same row) and then pull the middle lever.
Rinse and repeat until the row is done.

Be sure to kill the respawned Uruks at the levers. Once a lever is pulled by a player, it becomes unpullable by anyone but an Uruk.

Once at the end of the first row, move up one so you will be right next to the middle row levers. Have someone pull the lever on the LEFT and this will drop junk and hopefully if you have neough DPS, will be the last lever needed to be pulled and the boss will die.

It goes much faster than trying to guess which lever is being pulled by the uruks.

Loot and scoot.

The next room has a few groups of mobs, including some trolls archers and melee guys.
Have the tank pull groups back to the group, avoiding pulling the trolls until the first groups are cleared.
You can pull both trolls at once but just be sure they face away from the group, their frontal AoE hurts.
clear the last group in the room and continue on clearing until you come to a downward ramp that opens into a large room.

If you enter the room the 2nd boss fight will start.
Do not cross the threshold until you are ready to go. Otherwise a gate will drop and people will get locked out.
Have everyone run up to where the goblin is and the tank slightly behind wehre the goblin stands. DO NOT DO ANY DAMAGE UNTIL THE TANK HAS AGGRO. Threat is very tricky at the start and his AoE can still wipe a solid group of 85s and mess up positioning.
As you all saw in the little cinematic, he punts the goblin into the wall, killing it. The same will happen to anyone who touches the wall, punted or otherwise.
So this means the tank has to have firm aggro so they are the only one getting punted. When the tank has aggro, lay into him. Other than the punting and occasional need to reposition so the tank doesnt get punted into the wall, its a tank and spank.

after about 2 punts the tank will need to switch sides, basicalkly the group trades positions with the tank and its that simple. DO NOT TOUCH THE FURNACE OR WALLS!!

After this fight be sure to loot then move up the ramp. As soon as you move around the corner there will be a group of mobs waiting as well as pathers. Be sure to kill the defiler looking orcs first. Flame casters iirc. They put purple eyes over people, these drop fire puddles over time. You can stand in these they wont be bad. Just burn through the multiple groups at whatever pace the group is comfortable until you come to the pistons room.

Move along the open path to the first group, clear it and pull the lever, make sure if you have an LM they have SI on people because the pistons do not always stay in their respective smash zones and they stun folks causing a lot of damage.
Move to the next group and clear it, pull the lever, until you reach the final group. CLear it and welcome to the final fight.

This fight consists of three mobs and a number of mechanics.
As you face the room, think of it as a clock or a compass. Straight back is north, you are standing at south.
When you enter the room the Angmarim and Uruk will talk then become active. Make sure SI is on the tank at ALL TIMES this is imperative. The Uruk and Angmarim hit very hard.

Everyone else should be in the back LEFT corner of the room, or NORTH WEST (10/11 Oclock) corner of the room.
Remember this spot as it is the reset point for the group (you will always end up here after a fire sequence.)
As the tank hold the uruk and angmarim, the rest of the group needs to be doing all out DPS on the forge until it is green.

At this point, fire will start moving around the room. The group needs to be moving around the forge clockwise the fire will stop at the NORTH EAST corner so you will be safe at about 3 oclock or due EAST in the room.
Also during the entire fight, there will be purple eyes above peoples heads, be sure to keep running as these drop very bad fire puddles that can kill you.

WHile moving from the fire, do as much damage to the URUK as possible until he becomes unattackable and runs to the forge. After the Uruk is green attack the ANGMARIM until he goes green.

Reset to the NORTH WEST corner. The uruk and angmarim will run to the tank whne they reactivate. Rinse and repeat this process until the forge is at 20k morale. Stop all damage and switch to the Uruk, get the Uruk down to 20k morale then kill the forge. as soon as the forge dies there will be massive damage spikes and the tank may die. Stay away from the walls when the forge dies.

with the forge dead there will be no more travelling fire and the uruk dead there will just be purple eyes still. Be sure to not drop them in the group and tank and spank the Angmarim.

Congrats on completing The Foundry tier 2!

"All that we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us."

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