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 Post subject: Dargnakh Unleashed Tier 1 and Tier 2
PostPosted: 11/17/13 2:51 am 
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Dargnakh Unleashed T1 and T2

Both phases are pretty much the same except the final fight.

As you run up the stairs you will see a little cinematic, which is just fun to watch, after Dargnakh breaks through the gate you head upstairs to a room with 3 balistae and Dargnakh rampaging around below - 3 adds will spawn - kill them if you wish, they just respawn. You will also notice a glowing pile of arrows - pick one up and run it to any of the three balistae - once loaded you can click on it again to fire, dont fire unless Dargnakh is directly across from it - you have to do this until he runs away. This usually takes 4-5 hits.

Part 2 - Down with the Dargnakh

You will see an open room with a bunch of barrels tons of orcs and Dargnakh - dont try and tank him here, you can but its not really what youre supposed to do - there will be a torch randomly on the walls collect it and run to the group of barrels closest to Dargnakh - rinse and repeat until he runs away - orcs will attack you Dargnakh will attack you - it sucks but its doable.

Part 3 - Miniboss

Kill the adds as soon as theyre up, interrupting the boss as often as possible - he does long stuns and knockdowns, very annoying. The adds heal and come at certain morale points - clear wounds and fears as needed.

Boss is easy once interrupts are under control and adds are down.

Dargnakh will run off after the boss. (If you wipe you can take the portal on the right of the entrance after retreating and it will port you to this point in the instance to save on run back time)

Part 4 - Feeding the Trolls

Exactly what you dont want to do in most cases but here, you will see 3 adds - they respawn as soon as you kill them, and a Butcher - kill the butcher and he will drop a food bucket, collect the bucket quickly - it disappears very fast after dropping - and run it over to the giant glowing wall, you will toss the goop and Dargnakh will crash through it. Do this 2-3 more times while dealing with the orcs that keep running after you - bear in mind the Butcher will never run after you after he respawns, you must go back to the beginning of this area and drag him to the next wall. All the adds and the butcher in this area will do inductions if you are near them and the induction goes off you will get stunned for 3-5s its just a hindrance.

Final Part - BOSS FIGHT

You can do this a few different ways for Tier 1: Kill him outright, the easy way to do it - or the hard way and blow up the pillars.

Tier 2 you must do the proper mechanic by killing him with the sunlight

Periodically he will go into a tantrum - be sure he is in one of the four corners to collapse that section of the ceiling, he moves hits faster and a lot harder for each section that collapses but challenge is to collapse the entire ceiling killing him with sunlight

If you can survive - great! it is a very boring fight for the DPS in this fight. Its all about the tank and healer.

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