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 Post subject: Fires of Smaug Strategy
PostPosted: 4/20/13 12:38 pm 
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every 10% damage done to the Grim, a new wave of adds spawns

every 5% damage done to the Grim, a tick of smoke fills tunnels

every 25% damage to the Grim, a Fire Tender spawns (total of 3, 75% 50% 25%)

at 100% (start of the fight) make sure valves are closed

split groups for sides and main group in middle

closed = black

open = red (needs 5 clicks) or black with yellow scales (yellow scales determine number of clicks needed)

valves are fully open at the start, will take 5 clicks each to close fully

Bottom valves first then top

Follow pipes/trails to find valves

Stay on one side only work 2 valves

Kill adds divide groups per valve (3 runners for each valve, total of 6 runners)

Same center group as t1

successful group combo:
2 hunters (can be DPS RKs but 1 hunter is nice, RK as well for fire blocker)
2 LMs (1 LM and 1 Champ can work as well, just need lots of AoE DPS)
2 Burgs (2nd burg = not necessary, pref. anything but 2nd burg)
2 Captains (very helpful for success)
1 Guard (tanked adds)
1 Warden (Ran valves, should have been tanking boss over hunter)
2 Minis (healed lots, RK might work better w/ Fire Blocker)

tiers of needing clicked on shown by red color/tiers of yellow under black skull

The objective of this raid is to kill the Grim before the time runs out, or if the valves are allowed to remain open and the bar reaches full you will fail as well.

The raid can split into 2 or 3 groups. One setup is two groups of 5, one group of 2, each with a healer. One group (Healer and Hunter) will be Tank/heal directly at the Grim. The other groups will split left and right to control the valves and adds as they come. Also 2 groups of 6 can also run the raid. Initial aggro from the Grim is taking by a guard/warden, and then both groups run the mechanics independently of each other.

Every 5% of the Grim's health, smoke will be pushed, so close valves beforehand. The smoke pressure pushes valves open two increments. It takes 90 seconds for a closed valve to open on its own, whereas a partially open valve will open another increment every 30 seconds.

Every 10% of the Grim's health, more adds will spawn. While keeping the valves closed, each group must kill the adds as they spawn. They do significant AoE damage and must be avoided by the light armor.

Every 25% of the Grim's health, A fire-tender and adds will spawn at the Grim and must be dealt with by one or both of the main groups. The Fire-tender will heal and prevent damange to the boss so get him down ASAP. At 50% Health, both a fire-tender and secondary adds will spawn at the same time.

The Grim does quite a bit of damage and can easily kill light armor if they get too close to the center. Melee can DPS, but only one hit a time. They will need to hit, take the damage from the Grim, wait for heals, and then DPS again.

All members of each group should stay close together at all times, whether shutting valves off, dealing with adds, Firetenders, or the Grim.

T1 can be done several ways, the most successful way is to use the T2 strategy for T1, we will get there momentarily.


Have your center group (ranged tank 2 healers) in the middle and healing/tanking.

Divide the remaining people into runners/offtanks and add killers

If need be, add killers need to help click valves to ensure minimum smoke.

As per the logistical data provided above, work the boss down slowly and take adds as they come.

This is very difficult without 2 captains to assist in healing because the main healers will BOTH be healing the main tank.

Rinse and repeat the valve clicking switching between the two valves on each side of the furnace (total of 4 valves, 2 each side) until you hit 25%.

At each increment of 25% there will be a small wave of adds that spawn behind the furnace (relative to the starting ramp) and a Fire Tender. In T1 we just kill the fire tender as fast as possible because he will heal the grim and that could mean we wipe. After the fire tender dies we kill the few adds and return to the respective assigned sides and rinse repeat until the grim dies.


T2 Strategy:

Only use one side of the valves. This makes morale control on the Grim much more important. If we miss even 1 transition at 5% then there is no chance of success.

Divide half the raid into two groups of 3.
Each group of 3 is assigned a valve to start at after the initial clicks.
Throughout the remainder of the fight these groups are constantly running between the two valves clicking as needed.
When we get waves of adds we make sure the valves are closed completely then the runner groups assist in killing the adds (tank should have them all and LMs/Champs should already be killing them (captain needed here for support heals if guard cannot take hits, though healers will be close enough to heal)
Tank group: this consists of the 2 healers and the ranged tank (hunter or warden) they stand near the base of the 2 ramps and heal and tank. easiest job in here.
Same morale logistics as mentioned above, just easier to manage the valves using just one side.
Though, there is less room for error and we have to be spot on with the morale percentages or, as mentioned above, we will fail.


The fight is timed, based on smoke as well as a timer. These bars automatically appear upon activation of the boss.
This is a rough draft and will be more refined in the coming days.
If you have any questions, pugging a run is probably the best experience you can get outside reading a strategy online or here or talking with me :)

If anyone has anything to add, please do.

"All that we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us."

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 Post subject: Re: Fires of Smaug Strategy
PostPosted: 4/20/13 8:28 pm 
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Nicely done, nicely done!

Very cool of you to do all of our homework for us!

50 DKP minus to me and others who have not done our homework! ;}

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