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 Post subject: Annúminas - Glinghant
PostPosted: 11/11/08 1:26 pm 
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 Post subject: Re: Annúminas - Glinghant
PostPosted: 7/14/13 12:05 am 
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First, kill the 3 at the start, there are two archers that can be annoying running away.
After the chick in the white dress dies the gate will open. Everything in the first room is ranged, the Angmarim and the Mists
Kill them in any order you wish, most groups just gather all the angmarim up, then all the ghosts in two separate groups. Just systematically kill everything however comfortable your tank is with pulling.

After the first room grab the chest and move up.
The 2nd is an all out battle royal. As soon as the lever is pulled endless waves of Mists will start spawning.
There are also Angmarim that spawn on the sides of the room. Try and stay together (grouped up) so everything comes to the group and can be AoEd down.
The timer is about 5 minutes. So just survive.
You will encounter a bunch of different types of Mists during this time.
The worst of this instance are the green/draining mists. +100% power cost to all skills.

The others are not so bad.

Once this room is completed grab the chest and head on up.

The trees you now see will not activate until a group of Mists is pulled.
If you pull one color of mists all of the same color will run to you and 1 tree will activate per group of Mists.

Start with the grey or reddish Mists first, leave the Green ones for last.

Kill the Mists then move to the tree that became active. Rinse repeat until there is nothing left.
Challenge for Glinghant is fairly difficult.
If you have enough DPS it is not a problem.
Challenge is to kill everything within 30 seconds of each other. The timer activates as soon as the first thing dies. It could be anything from a Mist to the Boss.
Burn the boss down fast to about 20k morale. Then bring in the adds and AoE as much and as fast as possible.
If need be have a captain kite the Mists or the tank kite the Mists and Captain/Champ tank the boss.
This is an extremely healing and power intensive fight.

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