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 Post subject: Re: Dar Narbugud Guide
PostPosted: 2/13/10 2:59 pm 
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Greater Fungal Fumarole, with LM Tar Debuff



With LM Tar debuff~



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 Post subject: Re: Dar Narbugud Guide
PostPosted: 8/31/10 7:32 pm 
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Guess I'll try and fill in what I know since we dont really have much of a guide up:

70 radiance minimum for the first 4 bosses. Blind One and Mistress require at least 100 if you plan to have any shot at them. Damage types need to be anything but common.

1st room: The twin trolls.

There are 4-5 groups of mobs in this room + the 2 bosses.

Have a tank pull each group 1 at a time, there are goblins and skirmishers in each group. burn down skirmishers first, then the goblins.
There are also trolls in 2 of the groups, Hunters need to be ready on poison removal and the tanks need to have the trolls away from everyone and not facing the raid because of frontal AoE damage.

After the room is cleared, we take on the trolls. Damage done to 1 troll is transferred to the other, it is a very carefull balance of dps for each or the tanks could lose their trolls and we die quick. There are 2 pillars in the room, generally each tank grabs a troll and holds them behind a pillar. The rest of the group hides out of LOS so they arent seen by the trolls. this is done because the trolls drop pools of acid periodically, to avoid the acid, we designate 1 person in each group to poke their head out and call out acid, then jump back behind the pillar, which prevents the tank from getting hit, and anyone else.

At about 120k (please correct if wrong) they will each start getting +25% melee damage every few minutes so we break off and ALL damage onto 1 troll. A healer generally stays with the tank on the troll everyone is not hitting.

This is where it can get chaotic. Acid will be everywhere since everyone will be out of position (generally) so watch yourselves. Once 1 troll dies it becomes a DPS race, mainly ranged. The troll still alive will start to drop mushrooms (mushroom babies?) which give a giant cloud of acid damage, so the troll needs to die asap or the whole room can be filled, unless your minstrels can keep the tank healed through the clouds (very difficult). Congrats! Rung and Blagh down!!

First boss chest: generally runes/t2 settings, +20 radiance BOOTS BARTER ITEM

Down to the Crossroads!

There are a few mobs to clear to get to the "Crossroads" (named for the 3 doors you can enter to head to the different bosses).

Guards Skirmishers and Goblins I think, as well as a few trolls spread out in the groups. Generally kill the Guards first because they heal everything, then move to skirmishers then goblins.

Hunters need to be on top of poison removal whenever they come up.

After a few groups, you are at the Crossroads. Go to the LEFT first.

This is where I am a little fuzzy and will have more info after our run this friday.

Please feel free to edit this as needed, will post class roles that i am familiar with later.

Hope more people can add to this.

"All that we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us."

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 Post subject: Re: Dar Narbugud Guide
PostPosted: 5/5/13 4:30 pm 
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Updated Full Guide:

*note* This guide is based upon Dar Narbugud as a static level 60 instance. Upon its update to a scalable instance this guide will be updated with the Order's experiences if/when that may happen.

Quests for DN can be acquired outside the actual instance down to the left of the Dark Delvings instance entrance in Foundations of Stone.

After all are loaded in, have your tank step out into the room avoiding the two large trolls that are walking around the room. Have the Guard/Warden pull individual groups of mobs back to the main blob of the raid until the large room is clear of all adds. There are 5 groups of mobs that must be cleared before the first boss(es) can be engaged.

Types of mobs you will encounter:
Guards - interrupt these as often as possible or if your LM is good you dont need to worry because if their induction goes off anyone in the immediate area will be stunned. They are melee, they drop mushroom clouds (AoE these down) that do a massive AoE heal to all nearby enemies if they pop on their own. Kill these first always.

Goblins - annoying little things. Melee just pure trash mobs, AoE down as you take care of everything else.

Archers - try and pull them back around a corner for LoS because they just love to hit healers first. They put a -50% movement speed removable wound on people at random, nothing to worry about really.

Trolls - there will be two groups with Nemesis trolls in them, have one of the tanks hold the trolls away from the group due to knock backs poisons frontal AoE and stuns. Kill these last.

Now onto the first boss fight:

The Twins

The two trolls we are about to encounter have a very interesting mechanic similar to bloodpacts and blood brother effects: Damage done to one will be taken by the other. However, debuffs applied to one will stick to that one. Increased damage debuffs such as Oathbreakers or Captain/Burglar marks should be applied to the troll you are hitting, not the troll you are damaging.

Depending on the level of the people in the group there are two strategies that can be done here.

The first involves splitting the trolls up (assuming there are two tanks) and each tank takes a troll and separates them on each side of the room behind two large pillars.

We split the raid up by fellowship, each following its own tank. the 4 DPS/Support stay behind the pillar ***OUT OF LOS** while the healer pokes their head out to heal and to draw the attention of the trolls. The trolls occassionally drop acid puddles on the ground and having the healer stick their head out calling out Acid then jumping back out of LoS allows the puddles to be negated and the tank to not be acidified.

After the tanks are comfortable with aggro (it is very tricky at the start) damage can begin, but only light DPS mainly bleeds to start. Throughout the remainder of the fight everyone must be self aware and careful when the trolls turn and all must jump out of LoS or the acid puddles will be all over the room.

Step up DPS as the Leader sees fit. Throughout the fight as well each troll will run behind the pillar and stun someone at random and launch them straight to the moon. LM should maintain SI on healers and tanks at all times.

Continue DPS evenly until they are both at about 150k morale. At that point the leader will tell all DPS to move to one side and the groups will stay on the designated troll for the remainder of the fight. As mentioned above the damage done to the targeted troll will go the opposite troll and it will die in a massive acid explosion the tank must endure.

After the first troll is down the second will begin dropping giant mushrooms (do not eat these!!!) that have a massive damaging aura, if there is a luxury of ranged DPS then just range the troll down while the tank slowly moves the troll out of the clouds until it dies.

After 125k morale on each troll, they both begin getting +25% damage stacking corruptions that cannot be removed. These continue to stack until we are all dead or the troll is dead.

Congratulations if you did it someone gets a shiny pair of boots.

Neo-strategy post lvl 65

1 tank runs in grabs both troll bosses and holds them behind one pillar, when the tank says begin DPS on one troll and stay on that troll until the other is at 150k. When 150k is reached switch trolls and stay on that one the remainder of the fight.

The post lvl 65 strategy is rougher on your healer and acid puddles are much more common as well as people getting punted, your healer needs to be paying attention and not looking at Facebook. After the first troll dies, the same effect of mushroom clouds begins and if there is a luxury of ranged DPS then just range it down otherwise melee needs to pay attention when the clouds drop.

Post lvl 65 strategy takes much less time and is the preferred strategy nowadays as threat generation is much higher etc. The initial strategy is for a group that is mostly on-level.

After the Twins, have everyone loot the chest and head down the tunnel. If there is someone who is new to the instance have them grab the glowing mushrooms throughout the instance after all mobs in an area are cleared.

Do not exit the tunnel fully as there is a group of mobs waiting and leaving the tunnel too far will automatically aggro them.

This group is just a bunch of guards and goblins, nothing special. Get the guards down first and AoE as much as possible.

The next group is a guard and bunch of archers, have everyone stand just behind the bottleneck and have the tank drag the archers up and around, Sticky Tar is perfect here. Have the tank hold everything and let your champs and LMs do their magic.

Further down the path, there is a mushroom, go ahead and grab it but don't eat it!

We now come upon a guard that is visible through another bottleneck. Have the tank charge in and grab the 3 guards and two trolls making sure the trolls are not facing the group. Hunter clear poisons as necessary and LM maintain SI on tanks/healers.

Moving further down there will be a semi-open room with Snarling Overseers and Goblins and Fumaroles.

Welcome to the Crossroads

Have the tank charge in and gather everything up - fire damage is preferred if possible.

Designate corruption removal control on the three (3) overseers. If their corruptions are allowed to expire they will do a massive AoE debuff that disarms silences and reduces BPE by 6100 and slows movement speed. So basically you lose all damage healing and tanking ability. Also, do NOT use ANY CC on the Overseers. They will get a buff that reflects 25% of incoming damage as shadow damage. It can go up to 200%+ if the group is not paying attention and people will kill themselves on the reflect.

After the overseers are dead and the goblins thoroughly AoEd there are 3 fumaroles that need to be taken care of. Like any good observer there have been snot bubbles throughout the entire fight. If a snot bubble gets to its target the target gets -25% movement speed. AoE the snot bubbles and burn down the fumaroles.

As you came down facing directly straight at the crossroads, you have freedom to choose which direction you want to go.


Straight leads to the Blind One and the Mistress. It is impossible and will remain impossible to beat the Blind One until all 3 other bosses are defeated.

Going to the left is the most common method and Lock #2. Makes sense and that is the direction this guide will follow. If you choose to go to the right, you can skip to boss: Flagit/Istum in this guide and return to boss: Zholuga after Flagit and Istum are defeated.

To the right: Road to Zholuga

The first set of mobs consists of some overseers and fumaroles. Take care of these just as before at the crossroads and move on.

The next group has goblins and orc archers, try to drag the mobs up the ramp to prevent the archers from pegging your healers and allow melee to get into the action.

Notice the giant fumarole in the center of the room: DO NOT ACTIVATE UNTIL READY!!!
The giant fumaroles are like miniature turtle raids. Massive DoT damage in a short amount of time. This can be very healing intensive so avoid activation of the fumarole at all costs until all other mobs in the area are cleared.

There is one more group of goblins and overseers on the right of the fumarole, have the tank yell at these and drag them back to the group.

After that group is cleared you may choose to engage the fumarole or sneak around the right side hugging the wall. If someone has lag issues or is uncoordinated in the art of being sneaky it is best to just kill the fumarole. DPS as fast as possible, fire damage preferred.


Zholuga has a few interesting mechanics.

You will notice a bunch of rune-stones placed around the room, these play a special role at the start of the fight, afterwards are just a pretty feature.

Do not pick up the mushroom until the boss is defeated.

At Zholuga will have either a green or blue aura, he tends to favor the BLUE aura first. He will get a blue bubble and snot bubbles will start to flow from him, these will punt people and give the -25% run speed debuff.

Hunters, Burglars and Captains must find the rune-stone around the room that is glowing BLUE and click it until it goes off.

shortly after the BLUE rune-stone is clicked, a GREEN aura will appear. Lore-masters, Rune-keepers and Minstrels need to find the GREEN rune-stone and click it. If the GREEN aura is left on, GREEN eyes will appear above peoples heads and do a large DoT effect and spread upon expiration to anyone nearby.

Shortly after the GREEN rune-stone is clicked Zholuga will get a RED aura, this is what we leave him on for the remainder of the fight.

The RED aura gives him +50% melee damage -50% attack duration. His threat can get tricky during this phase but he is really just a tank and spank at this point.

Congratulations someone gets a pair of gloves. It is much easier than it sounds.

Back to the crossroads now.

Run straight across to the road to Flagit and Istum.

Do not walk too far into the next room, there is a troll, fumaroles and overseers.
Take care of the Overseers first then the troll then fumaroles, depending which way you want to go you can go to the left at this point and take care of boss #4 Istum or continue straight to boss #3 Flagit.

To Flagit. There is a bottleneck then some archers and overseers and a fumarole handle these as before but be very careful to not pull the group behind the webbing as it is unnecessary to kill these. Hug the right wall and run into the group of 3 Overseers and goblins and handle this as before.

After this group is defeated the observant will notice a new type of mob has been introduced: Dark Maw Master.

The Dark Maw Master have special abilities: Interrupt as often as possible they will do massive AoE damage and put deadly Poison DoTs on people. Also they will put +50% miss chance wounds as well as deadly 1k damage Fear DoTs. Captain/Mini clear these ASAP as they can stack. The most important thing about the Dark Maw Master is that if any mobs die within proximity of them while they are in combat they get a stacking corruption of -20% inc damage up to -80% inc damage and they take forever to kill at this point and the fears keep coming and it is bad.

Now with this group we generally have the Burglar and LM mez off the TWO Dark Maw Masters. Of late it is easier to just nuke them both as fast as possible and range the archers afterwards.

Kill the fumarole and welcome to Flagit.


Flagit is one of the more difficult bosses just based on the mechanics changes to DoT effects on mobs.

The start of the fight is not that bad have the tank establish aggro have the LM watch for wounds/disease Hunter for poisons and Captain/Mini for Fears. Clear these as they appear, they should only appear on the person who has aggro.


If you do not know what skills cause a bleed, please take the time to identify them before hand as this will make or break the fight. Also, people will notice +10% inc melee critical chance debuffs or -9% healing debuffs appear on them, these are negligible in all honesty, even at level 60.

Throughout the entire fight Flagit will call peoples names and put a GREEN eye over their head which will turn RED when detonation is imminent. When the eye appears over your head drop what youre doing and run out of the room. When the eye disappears run back in you are fine. If you cannot get out of the room get away from everyone else and take the hit.

The most important mechanic in this fight are the GREEN bubbles. These last 15s at the start of the fight and for ANY damage, including DOTs he will recieve 5% morale (about 50-55k morale returned per tick of damage done) so no DOTs and make sure auto-attack is off. Guards that use Reactive Block should not have it for this fight (or ever for that matter and champions will want to not trait the bleed on critical trait for this fight, or even the instance just to be sure)

This is called RED HAZE and people will be vehemently letting everyone know it is going up. This is the indicator for the GREEN morale bubble that shortly follows. It looks like the Hunter's Burn Hot animation.

If you have a good Burglar, they will be popping CJs like mad. All RED no kicker, just 6 reds. Guards should be spamming To The King as well when possible for maximum RED CJs.

About 250k-200k morale the GREEN will come faster, about every 60s or less in some cases but 60s is a good average but they will only last 5s so people need to be spot on in stopping damage. At this point Flagit will also be getting +25% stacking damage corruptions that continue to stack until he is dead.

Congratulations someone is getting a Helm.

Return back to the room and head down the path on the right. If you go down the ramp too far the fumaroles will activate. There are archers fumaroles and overseers here, take care of them as usual.
After this set there is anothe group of orcs and overseers, handle as normal. There will be more more group on the right of the fumarole, be very careful pulling them, overseers and archers, and then proceed to the giant fumarole.

After killing the giant fumarole in the center, there is now a group of TWO Dark Maw Masters and THREE overseers and a few orcs/goblins ahead of you. Mez off the Dark Maw Masters and kill the overseers first. After the overseers kill the Dark Maw Masters.

Welcome to Istum.


The Torpedo Worm Guy. He lives up to his name.

This is really a tank and spank more or less. The proper strategy has the tank hold him in a corner, and move when acid puddles fill the room. This will be the same effect as the Twins but it will fill a majority of the room and cannot be avoided save through a CJ if your guard/burg is quick enough but they need to save the CJs for later.

After a certain point, torpedo worms will appear in the center of the room in the only lit area. Have the champion stand slightly off-center and Raging Blades every time a worm appears. They tend to go straight for the healers and nuke them.

A bit later, the boss will become "enraged." He will still be aggroed on the main tank but he will be running around like a mad man stunning people (remove poisons as necessary and SI) and doing his own version of Raging Blades doing massive melee-aoe damage the remainder of the fight. Burgs/Guard CJs can interrupt this if they are good on timing.

Worms will still be coming, but now 1 from each corner of the room, have a ranged person take each corner and range the worms as necessary, and then burn the boss down fast.

Congrats someone gets a pair of Shoulders.

The road to the Blind One

Head back out to the crossroads and enter the center portal.

There is one more new type of mob: World Eaters (the eat worlds like Galactus and Jimmy)

World Eaters Special Abilities:

Shadow Aura: there will be a purple cloud placed on the ground at random. Anyone who is in this aura recieves a DoT effect and is rooted in place for 1-2s, as soon as you are free GET OUT! As long as you stand in the aura you recieve -90% incoming and outgoing healing, you will die if you need heals.

+50% miss chance fear, no big deal really.

Wrath of the World Eater: If you have aggro on the World Eater and this fear effect (can be removed) you will take a massive hit of damage.

Interrupt World Eaters as much as possible when the induction circle appears.

The pulls leading to the Blind One - need more information for specifics

There are combinations of World Eaters, Dark Maw Masters and Overseers on the road to the Blind One as well as fumaroles.

The first group is no big deal, handle the mobs as normal. If a group has a Dark Maw Master these need to die first, then Overseers and World Eaters last.

First group - World eater some overseers (need more info)

Next group - One (1) World Eater Two (2) Overseers and One Dark Maw Master

Up the ramp - A World Eater some Overseers (need more info)

Final Pull - Two (2) World Eaters Two (2) Dark Maw Masters

The Blind One

*Of Special Note* He is immune to common damage. Should have anything BUT common damage. Any CJs do NOT go Yellow or Red because these each do common damage and are useless against the Blind One.

The Blind One is still a difficult fight. Spread the fellowship around the room in clock positions using right by the chest as the 6 o'clock position. If someone touches the webbing, the fight will begin. The Blind One does a short speech so everyone needs to hurry up and get into position, especially the tanks.

The Blind One has an aura around him that does 1k damage when you enter it, and 1k when you leave it. So entering and reentering the aura only works against you. He will punt the tank from time to time and do a threat wipe so the other tank needs to be ready with challenge. Generally no one but the tanks do damage for the first phase. This takes forever but if the tanks are ok with it and the possibility of a hunter getting aggro after a punt is alright with the Leader then have the ranged DPS assist to push to phase 2.

This is done to spread out eyes. The Blind One will put YELLOW eyes and RED eyes over peoples heads. Each of these eyes are contagious. The RED eye roots the target upon application and nukes them for 2k direct damage. This is very commonly applied to the tanks so they need to be spread far enough on each side of the Blind One's platform, opposite ends is the best positioning.

After phase 1 ends and all eyes are gone, move everyone back by the chest (6 o'clock position) and bring the Blind One off the platform to the webbing closer to the group but not so much they are in the aura. There will be purple clouds on the ground with the same effect as the World Eater's clouds encountered on the way up to the Blind One. Be sure to get out of these ASAP. Also, Darklings will be spawning on the center platform and darting straight for people at random, have ranged kill these ASAP. You will go into a portal and can receive damage but not deal any for a short time. This is more annoying than anything.

During phase 2 have all melee enter the aura and begin DPS on The Blind One, they will stay in melee the rest of the fight. Have everyone watch for interrupts as this can wipe the group if an interrupt is missed.

Phase 3 activates a bit later on. He will be doing inductions very quickly and sometimes in succession immediately after being interrupted so everyone needs to be spot on. Also at this point he will receive REMOVABLE corruptions. Everyone needs to remove corruptions at this point because they can stack faster than Durchest (Barad Guldur first boss) stacks his. Also, dopplegangers will start to spawn. These are ghost copies of the Blind One that take 50k damage from all CC done to them, they take damage normally but CC damages them greatly. Burn the Blind One down as fast as possible at this point. Everyone who can assist with CC needs to be doing it. Fears Roots Stuns Mezes.

You have 5s or less after the Blind One dies to get off the webbing before it opens up.

Congrats someone gets Pants.

The Mistress.

*Of Special Note* She is immune to common damage. Should have anything BUT common damage. Any CJs do NOT go Yellow or Red because these each do common damage and are useless against the Mistress.

The road to the Mistress is a short one. Drop down the newly opened webbing and jump over to a path on the left side of the room that leads down to the Mistress, gather everyone just past the webbing so no one gets locked out.

There are four (4) or six (6) World Eaters around the room. Have one tank take the World Eaters on the right with a healer and everyone else to the left side to burn them down as fast as possible. They will drop the purple clouds that reduce healing as well so be mindful and do not stand in them.

After all the world eaters are down the Mistress will activate. Have a tank ready to pick her up and keep her faced away from the group. During this phase there will be snot bubbles constantly speeding around the room after people. CC is the only way to kill them and they need to be killed or the Mistress gets a lot of buffs and can easily wipe the group. Champions need to be spamming their fervour horns as this is the best way to kill the snot bubbles.

She will also toss the entire group all over until the next phase.

Phase 3 the Mistress will go inactive, there will be three (3) waves of goblins. NO CROWD CONTROL (CC) at this point! If you use any CC on the goblins the next wave will activate immediately. It is imperative that no CC is done. The goblins hit very very very hard but move quite slowly so burn them down fast.

Phase 4 (final phase) The Mistress reactivates and all members of the raid need to group up tight right underneath her. The outside perimeter of the room will fill with an acid cloud that will kill you fast if you stand in it. Three adds will come in and stun random people, it is important that you call out if you are stunned IMMEDIATELY because upon expiration you are instantly killed and there is no way around it other than extreme focus fire.

Burn the Mistress down after each wave of adds comes in and congratulations you have just completed Dar Narbugud!

Someone gets a fancy chest piece!

Please add anything I may have missed and enjoy!

"All that we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us."

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