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 Post subject: The Watcher
PostPosted: 11/15/09 8:37 am 
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Phase 1 – Run, run, run
Everyone gathers up at the start point. The tank will step forward and trigger the watcher – when the Watcher Shakes with Anger everyone runs to the second point.

At this point the first spawns will come up. One hunter will grab aggro on each tentacle – melee should not have aggro. We should all remain bunched up together (think freep ball). Burn the spawn on the right down and then wait for the next Shakes with Anger message and then everyone returns to the start spot (#1) to escape the blast. The watcher shakes with anger every 30 seconds, so you do not have long to burn the first spawn tentacles down.

Burn down this spawn while ignoring adds. After that tentacle is down the Watcher will stop shaking with anger. Burn down adds. Gather at edge of deep water. The Watcher will pull down the bridge, causing AoE damage and then retreats under the water.
Whn called for - ONE person (heavy armour) will jump in the water to trigger a dangling tentacle add. Once the add is up, EVERYONE jumps into the deep water and frees the person.

Phase 2 – To the Bridge
Everyone swims to bridge. Hunters grab aggro on the Massive Tentacles (Near and Far). Hunters can park themselves behind where the Watcher is, while everyone else remains on the bridge. Burn down the far tentacle. Bring the Near tentacle down to about 13k. Carefully avoid the circling sharks and swim to point #4. Freep ball up.
At this point ONLY the MT-Hunter should do any damage to the Near tentacle. They will SLOWLY bring the tentacle down to about 2k. Everyone should remain calm during this time – take a rest. We will wait for a punt and a spawn to occur (could take several minutes – no hurry) and then EVERYONE but the MT- Hunter will run to spot #5 and ball up. The key is to really ball up. The MT-Hunter will kill the Near Tentacle which triggers one tentacle spawn for each player where you stand. Run back to the hunter (spot #4) – this will LoS the 11 tentacles and then they can be ignored. Burn down the tentacle on the MT-hunter. Freep Ball up on spot #4.
Phase 3 – Massive Tentacles and the Watcher
Two new massive tenatacles will spawn (Near and Far). Hunters should grab aggro. Then ranged takes the near down to about 10k. Then range down the far – during this time the Watcher will reappear. MT-Hunter will grab aggro on Watcher.

Hunters must have aggro on the Watcher and the tentacles AT ALL TIMES.

One heavy armour will step into the water to spawn a strangling tentacle – burn it down and free the person, then melee (everyone except the hunters and the guardian who will burn down the minor adds around the hunters and try for FMS for power) swims across to the bridge (avoid the sharks!).

Burn the far tentacle down. Clobber the Near tentacle to stop heals on the Watcher – but do not kill it until there is a new spawn.

You must leave one tentacle up at all times – but if two are up for more than 60 seconds the Watcher is healed 20k or more per second.

Everyone dps the Watcher while there is ONLY one tentacle up. Be careful of AoE so you do not accidently kill the one tentacle. When a new tentacle spawns, kill the old tentacle quickly, then burn down the new tentacle to 10k. Then dps the Watcher. Keep clobber on the tentacle that is up, but no damage until called for. The raid leader will call out directions for the killing of the tentacles. It is important to listen to direction and to keep your cool.

This is a dps race as the Watcher’s ranged corruptions stack up (unremovable) this will hit the MT-Hunter for more and more damage. Minnies keep the MT-Hunter up at all costs. If the minnie in the hunter group is dangled, during the fight, the other minnie needs to cross heal the MT-hunter during that time. Strangling/Danglings will appear every 30-60 seconds. Melee deals with those on the bridge. Guardian for those on land.

When the Watcher is at 80k or so, kill your last massive and go all in on the Watcher – you must take him down before a new massive spawns. The raid leader will call for this. At about 30k if anyone is strangled – leave ‘em to be strangled. Focus on the Watcher – burn him down. All tentacles despawn when the Watcher dies.

Captain places banner on the bridge by the near tentacle – this gives coverage to the hunters.
LM keep wind lore on Watcher. Keep raven on Watcher doing interrupts.
Captains/ Burgs keep damaging marks up on Watcher.

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 Post subject: Re: The Watcher
PostPosted: 2/25/10 1:38 pm 
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Class Specific Information
Here are Namotur's suggestions for hunters. So the thing to focus on is ranged mitigation and morale; at least 5k morale (unbuffed) is necessary. Now this is 5k morale when you take off your REAL helm and shoulders and put on that crapy off-set stuff (and take out your normal pocket item in favor of the painted vane).

In order to reach 5k morale, Namotur suggests the following:

Gear: Diamond studs, Insidious cuffs, Carved Saphire Rings or Amber Rings

Virtues: Valour, Justice, Loyalty, Determination

In order to increase ranged mitigation Namotur suggets:
Gear: Painted Vane (-3%)
Virtues: Compassion (-5%)
Profound Rune of the Swift Step also offers 2% ranged mitigation


Legendary traits: Fellowships Heart, Rally, Master of Tales* (*nice to have)
Class traits: Watcher of Resolve or Protector of Song
Legendary Book: Healing related legacies and ballad of war legacy
Weapons: your choice - you most likely won't use it too much.

Trait Build: Hands of Healing most recommended. With a couple from Leader of Men.

Legendary: Hands of Healing (hot), Shame of the Oath-Breakers (dps 30% incr), In Defence of Middle-earth (+50 Stat bonus)
Alternate: Shield of the Dunedain (+75% evade, parry, block on target) Note: Good for final dps rush to keep healer up.

Virtues Justice, Valour (morale limit incr), Idealisim (Fate: increase dps and heal crits chances)


Trait Build
there are two builds that work for this boss depending on the group makeup and the strait that is to be used. For the ranged method trait Kean blade and hemorrhage is a must. If doing the melee method you will want 5 defender of the free and 2 fighter of shadow with linery master traited as well.

Legendary: To The King. It is a must for if you do fray the edge and this skill you can start getting FMs. If using a shield use Shield Smash it is a nice way to stun and crit. Hemorrhage if going Kean blade spec and Linnery master if tanking.

Virtues: discipline, innocence, valour, loyalty, fidelity (good to have maxxed for other things)

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 Post subject: Re: The Watcher
PostPosted: 8/24/10 8:58 pm 
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Hunters Requirements Update

Painted Vane - Drops in Grand Stairs, necessary.

5k Morale at least after adding in everything you need to reach 60 minimum radiance. *NOTE* if you have only 60 radiance and you are a hunter, and there are other hunters with higher radiance, dont expect to be tanking anything major unless there are only 2 hunters because the higher the radiance, the more successful you will be at staying alive.

Virtues Required: Compassion and Charity 10

Ancient Rune of the Storm (t8) offers 600 ranged defense rating

The other CRITICAL component of being a hunter is as much ranged defense as you can possibly get without sacrificing too much morale/damage.

you need to have at least 12% mitigation against level 60 opponents.

Traits - 4 Bowmaster whichever 4 youre most comfortable with - 3 Huntsman - Fast Draw, Swift Recovery, and Resolute Aim.

Legendary - Bow of the Righteous

Usually you can get away with MAXED Compassion and Charity and the Painted Vane, and be able to effectively tank the Watcher/Tents.

Take the PARRY buff from the captain because you will be able to survive better.

"All that we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us."

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 Post subject: Re: The Watcher
PostPosted: 8/26/10 9:37 am 
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Lore Master Strategies: (This strat is for the ranged-tank method. For melee-tank method, do the same, but keep SI on the tank at *all* times.)

1. Build: Debuff; add as many power-regen traits as possible. Trait Honour if you have it at 10, and don't bother with PAAI (Proof Against All Ills) as there are no removable wounds/disease. I recommend un-traiting Master of the Staff...

2. Pet: Raven; Try to keep it alive for the fights leading up to the actual Watcher encounter. Keep Sign-of-Lore: Protection on at all times. Tip - run a bit more than you usually do for phase 1, to be sure the Raven makes it, and try to get a jump on it. Don't go too soon, or everyone dies, but the LM should be the first one to move, and should over-shoot the run so that the trailing Raven follows safely. As soon as the Watcher pops up, tell the Raven to sic 'em! Also, the Raven especially bugs out in the Watcher room quite a bit. Be ready to keep calling him back to you until the Watcher fight starts, even if you have him on passive/non-assist, which you'd better ;)

3. Casts: Pretty much all debuffs, all the way through, with some power-restore and heals for good measure. I use Wind lore against the far tentacle in phase one, and phase two (the non-target tentacle); When fighting the Watcher itself, one of the most important aspects of the fight is to be sure that Wind Lore is *always* on. Save your Call-to-the-Valar for when your Wind Lore is resisted.

Image - Gust of Wind
Image - Fire Lore
Image - Wind Lore
Image - SoP:SAE
Image - SoP:C
Image - Ancient Craft
Image - Sticky Tar

Be ready to cycle a clean rhythm of Debuffing, power-restoration, healing, and power-drawing. I actually think this is one of the easier fights for LMs!

Casandir-LM, Varaldatar-RK, Agamus-G, Amdiron-W, Hothgar-B, Farrsos-C, Urugan-Ch, Agamaes-M, Agamis, Agamos, Agamas, Agam, ...

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