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 Post subject: Halls of Crafting
PostPosted: 8/15/09 9:25 am 
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I am going to start work on guides for each instance in quest mode and hard mode.

Please, please, please post reponses with all the information you can share on leading these instances step by step.

I can only do this with your help. I will edit in all the responses! These guides will only be as good as the information shared!

6 Man Instance

Challenge Mode (Daily)
During the final boss, Thaguzg, you must prevent all the adds from reaching the boss. If one add reaches Thaguzg, then hard mode is lost.


Moving to first boss
Multiple rooms of goblins. CC (roots) or have the tank run in and "tank-mez".

Along the way you will find the armour and weapon racks for the quests in the goblin rooms, deal with goblins first. Everyone can pick up the quest items.

First Boss - Ambal

Morale - 74k or so

The room is divided into four colored quadrants. Ambal is given advantages depending on which color he is standing on when you engage him. When he is engaged the gates close, so make sure everyone is in the room - you can skirt around the edges of the room to the color you prefer to fight him on.

Blue: ball up on Ambal to prevent his ranged damage.
Green: ball up on Ambal, burn him down.
Yellow: Gives Ambal a decrease in incoming damage.
Red: Gives Ambal a melee damage increase - avoid melee

When you start the fight, two adds spawn. Burn them down without crossing the dividing lines of the quandrants - this spawns more adds. Once Ambal has five corruptions his damage increases - he can begin to one shot. You can clear these corruptions by dragging him to a new quandrant and fighting the new adds, or take a chance and just burn through him on the square you start on. This is what we normally do.

IXP Runes
Turdring - weapon ?

Moving to Second Boss
More of the same, deal with adds. Scouts are ranged and should be mezzed if possible to keep them from targeting your healer. Otherwise, CC, kill, move forward to next group... until you reach everyone's favorite BBQ boss!

Second Boss - Bashkuga - BBQ Boss!

Morale - 74k

Enter the room together on the side opposite Bashkuga.

Note the floor and it's sections - these will randomly spawn fire with little warning during the fight and this damage does bleed over into neighboring sections. Standing on the dividers will not protect you. This fight is simple enough. Engage Bashkuga and DPS him down while avoiding the insta-flame-death of the floor.

Start with yellow FM if you have a burg - otherwise ignore FMS because you might get burnt to crisp.
Birds eye view for camera for best view of fire when it might go up.

RK do not fall to flame is helpful.
Bashkuga does throw out wounds from time to time - have wound pots ready. Interrupts can prevent these wounds.

IXP Runes
Daellang - weapon
Cugaru - giant bow
Curunechor - wrist - +20 will, +20 fate, +183 Max Morale, +20 Vit

Moving to Final Boss - Bellows Room

This room has four bellows. When you activate the bellows orcs spawn on the ramp you came down from. Deal with them CC/DPS like normal. Watch out for the healers and archers. Once you've activated all four bellows the door to the final boss will open. Be careful entering this room - or you will activate the boss. Make sure everyone is just inside the door and get ready.

Final Boss - Thaguzg

health - ?

Thaguzg is immobile - you can not move him, but you can turn him around. Tank should have their back to the forge, so when they are thrown they do not get thrown as far as they would otherwise.

During this fight one goblin add will spawn at each of the four doors at intervals Before starting the fight, make sure you have assigned these doors/adds to specific people to burn down. If the add reaches Thaguzg you lose hard mode. These are low-health adds a hunter or champ can easily control two doors.

Thaguzg likes to punt, AoE shout and give himself a heal (white square with red heart buff). The heal is easily removed with corruption removal, so don't worry about interrupting his induction for the heal. ((Rumored that letting him do his heal decreases the amount of punts?? Seems to work, but no confirmation)). DPS Thaguzg down, kill adds and then loot.

Thaguzg will do massive damage when his target is out of melee range - so be careful to not pull aggro away from the tank.

IXP Runes
Settings & Relics
Tinc-Laeth (necklace) +65 might, +20 agility, +146 Max Morale, +8 Vitality
Orod-Din (Earring) +65 Fate, +183 Max Morale, +20 Will
Aglar-Dor (wrist) +65 Agi, +20 Mght, +20 Fate, +49.2 ICPR

Class Hints & Tips



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 Post subject: Re: Hall of Crafting Guide (Moria)
PostPosted: 8/26/10 5:05 pm 
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red gives him a melee buff yellow gives him minus inc. damage buffs

2 nice melee neclaces drop, 1 nice agi wrist piece, 2 nice caster earrings, 2 nice melee weapons, miniature brass anvil, cuguru

generally we've had most success fighting ambal on the green.

for boss 2, either an ALL YELLOW FM to start or Chill of Bone (GYYYYB). After that, ignore FM's or you might go up in flames. Interuppts on him reduce number of stuns and wounds. Birds eye view for camera for best view of fire when it might go up.

boss 3, dont interuppt him, it reduces the number of knockbacks, if you get aggro and youre ranged, congrats, you just wiped the group.

4 ads come about every 30-60 seconds, just 1 at a time from each door, 400 or so morale, easy to kill.

remove corruptions so he doesnt heal.

pure of heart/noble blood very usefull here, nice to start with all yellows or CoB as well.

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