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 Post subject: The Forges Hard Mode Guide
PostPosted: 8/15/09 9:23 am 
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I am going to start work on guides for each instance in quest mode and hard mode.

Please, please, please post reponses with all the information you can share on leading these instances step by step.

I can only do this with your help. I will edit in all the responses! These guides will only be as good as the information shared!

Hard Mode

A timer starts when Narkû, the first boss, dies. You have 30 minutes to kill the final boss to attain hard mode.

Known Loot
Teal Coin for +10 radiance chest piece.
Second Age Weapons

The Forges of Khazad-dûm, once a glorious smith-hall for the dwarves of Moria, have fallen into evil hands. The Forges now serve the Orc masters of Moria and are used to build all manner of weapons and war-machines for an assault against fair Lothlórien. Brogur and Bósi's dwarves, wishing to reclaim Moria, aim to prevent this at any cost, for they would see the Elves and dwarves reinstate old alliances for the good of both.

First Room
Choose a side to clear. Out of habit, I always go to the right. Use crowd control to clear the trash mobs. Beware goblins throwing fire on the floor - move out of the flames.

When you reach the back of the room, you will have a guardian and adds. Kill the adds, root/mez guardian. Kill the guardian last and be prepared to have one member of the fellowship run the powder keg to the door which opens when the guardian runs in. This powder keg will close the door by blowing it up, watch out for falling rocks!

Go across to the back left of the room and kill adds while closing that doorway with another powder keg. Roots work well in this case also.

Water pouchs will drop - roll until you have about 8 or 9 and then pass so all of the group gets water pouch.

Proceed into the tunnel and then head to the ramp on the left.

Prep for fight - as soon as this boss dies the timers starts - so afk now if needed. Eat. Buff.

Tip: Don't stop to loot chests or bodies after Narku dies - go back after you've killed [final boss name].

First Boss -Narkû

[insert Narku knowledge of the LM here]

Start fight. Basic tank and burn down.

Adds (orcs and goblins) show up at random intervals - all but tank should be on adds when they arrive - make sure to kill adds before boss so they are not being dealt with when the timer starts when Narku dies.

Narku will randomly call out "You beg too much for my attention [playername]". Run around column to LOS the boss otherwise he hits you for 2k+ damage when he says that he warned you.

Beware the goblin up on the center platform with the Beavis and Butthead love for Fire! Fire! Fire! He rains down pools of fire that players should move out or they take damage.

Finish all adds before killing Narku.

Take the back left ramp down and to the left. Watch out for trolls they do damage and stun you. Turn left on the next downward ramp - don't go too far or you will aggro a platform of orcs! Once you head downwards do not enter the platform or the second boss fight will start.

Second boss - Dhaub

This boss fight happens on a square platfom with multiple columns that cause LOS isssues. There are 6 runways connecting the platform to 6 doorways that need to be blown up with powder kegs. The doorways are not all open - I've noticed the back right and left open first - once they are sealed the front right and left doors open and then the middle doors on both sides.

Dhaub is up on top - he will jump down into the middle during the fight.

Beware the trolls running along the track - they stun! Although Daggna suggests this is an easy way to get an FM with To the King!

This fight happens in stages. When fight starts there [3?] orcs run in from the back right runway. Assign one person to run powder kegs. After closing [1?] doorway sappers begin to run in - beware their firepots that they throw - they are insta-kills.

After [2 or 3?] doorways are closed with powder kegs Dhaub summons two trolls - crowd control by kiting or mezzing. Keep in mind they take damage from the boss once he jumps down - so if they are near him and take damage it will break your mez. These trolls will not take damage until Dhaub is dead.

After all 6 doorways are blownup/closed. Dhaub jumps down in the middle. Tank him well away from the trolls (if mezzed). Burn him down. Interupts are used when he says "feel the bite of black powder". This causes massive AOE fire dot that can be cured with a waterpouch. Best to interrupt it though.

Kill Dhaub, then take down one troll and then the other. Skip looting the chest and move to third boss. Run down the ramp and head to the right - watch out for the lag spike halfway down that ramp.

Clear the orcs off the platform before moving down to the third boss.

Third Boss - Thrug

**I've heard this instance has changed recently - anything noteworthy?**

This boss is fairly easy - burn him down. Watch out for his AOE fire dot (use water pouches) and watch out for the shooting flames from the forges.

Skip looting this chest as well.

Final Boss - Kranklûk

This boss starts with two troll adds. Tank on boss, crowd control one troll and kill the other. Finish off the second troll and work on boss. Beware the tracks and the stunning trolls! Again - Daggna suggests stun for To the King FM.

After he hits [?morale], Kranky calls for two more trolls. CC one, kill the other, then kill the CCed troll. Get back to work on boss.

Watch out for the "eye" from Kranky - if you get it, turn your back and don't use any skills otherwise he hits you for a ton of damage. Healers should be watching out for this. Also note the boss does a power drain - use an interupt on this to preserve power. This skill looks just like the LM power draw.

As his morale drops, Kranky will run off to get another troll (3rd wave), have tank pick Kranky back up when he returns, group take on troll. Prepare to move to the corner of the forge (building in the center of the platform).

When he calls for a final troll the group should be at the corner of the Forge because Kranky also calls for the Forge to become active. At this point the fight is mobile - staying between two guysers of flame shooting out of the Forge. Burn the boss down while staying out of the fire.

Minstrels might consider Fellowships Heart so they can stay mobile near the end of the fight. Kill Kranky and then the troll.

Loot the boss chests - if you kill Krankluk within 30 minutes there should be a teal coin for the +10 radiance chest piece.

don't forget to go back and loot your skipped chests, beware orcs that are still hanging about.

Other loot:
Gruesome fingerband
Housing item

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 Post subject: Re: The Forges Hard Mode Guide
PostPosted: 11/11/09 11:15 pm 
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Target Assist usually.


RoT is key as well as Bards Arrow if you dont have anyone to mez the troll on the final boss. usually on Barrel duty.

Boss 1 DPS ads down asap then boss then move.

Boss 2 could be kiting trolls, if not DPS the boss, usually on barrels and watch out for the Bomber dues or its a wipe.

Kite trolls around the pillars keeping LoS from the boss so he doesn't absorb and waste precious time.

Final boss: DPS in order: 2 trolls, boss, 2 more trolls, boss, 1 troll, boss, FORGES LIGHT UP someone must be vocal and keeping everyone together near the back flame where the hunter should be anyways since your ranged. Boss dies you got a chest piece!

***~~~There is a quest in the 21st hall you can pick up and when you kill the first boss, a timer actually show up! this is a great quest to have because it gives you a live countdown of the 30 minutes~~~***

"All that we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us."

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 Post subject: Re: The Forges Hard Mode Guide
PostPosted: 11/12/09 1:11 am 

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On the second boss, it's REALLY easy (and I mean flawless) to kill the boss if you have a LM in the group.

Quick diagram:

1           2


3           4

    |   |
    |   |

(The directions in the following description--above, left, below, etc.--pertain to the pillar numbers in the diagram above)

The bottom two lines represent the ramp from which you ENTER the fight. This strategy requires a LM to perma-mez a troll to the bottom right of pillar 4 in the above diagram, as far to the corner of the platform as possible. The second troll is kited around pillar 3 ONLY, so that the kiter is never more than two or three seconds from the healer, who is standing on the X (NOT on the tracks, please!). The boss needs to be stationed ABOVE pillar two in the diagram, so that he's kept out of LOS of the kited troll and doesn't get a chance for a heal from being too close to the troll. However, while the boss needs to be stationed above that pillar, the party doing damage to him remains to the top-left of the pillar, in LOS of the healer so that every member can be healed as needed.

This strategy turns the fight to EZ mode. :D

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