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 Post subject: Great Barrow - Sambrog
PostPosted: 5/5/13 4:50 pm 
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It's Sambrog everybody! *Sambrog says Hi to Dr. Nick*

Well, this is one of the most straightforward instances now.
As comfortable as your tank is for pulling that should set the pace for the rest of the group.
It can be done without a real tank if DPS is high enough and there is a dedicated healer.
A captain can easily heal this in full red line even (DPS not heal line)

Kill the stuff at the beginning then head on down picking up the archer that is walking up and down the stairs, most groups kill him quick and move on through the door (have to click on it for it to open) but you can drag him too, just make sure he is NOT aggroed on the healer, otherwise the group will wipe.

Have the tank or pseudotank run down the hallway gathering EVERYTHING up. No one should be damaging anything. Run down until you turn left then turn immediately right then right again. You will run into a Gaunt Lord Barrow Wight. Make sure the entire group is just around that final corner where the Gaunt Lord was walking else the archers will kill the healer and Game Over Man Game Over. AoE all this down. For single target it is usually best to kill the chilled barrow wights first as they put a refelct buff on all the other wights and you may actually need heals if the reflect is on enough of them. Once everything is dead, move forward and kill the remaining 2 Guant Lords. This will open up the door that you saw as you were turning the final corner with the wave of mobs behind you.

Head on in and kill the two crawlers, there are 4 but 2 explode as soon as they reach the first target they are aggroed to.
Just stand at the back door and wait for the ghosts to spawn. AoE them down, no big deal.
Move to the next room, if you have an LM make sure SI (stun immunity, aka Sign of Power: Righteousness) is on the tank, healer and themselves at the absolute least. There will be stuns at the outset of the fight that can prove fatal.
Everyone should follow the tank in straight back not touching a thing until ALL the mobs are gathered up on the tank at the back door.
Begin AoE madness.
Stay on target assist for single target DPS but if you have an AoE you should be using it.
Make sure nothing is bugged (usually the crawling hand takes a while to crawl up the stairs and keep the group in combat)
A Wight will spawn with 2 blue ghosts. If the group is properly standing on the tank in a freepball then the blue ghosts will not activate and are not necessary to kill.

Head on through the door after the wight is dead and keep a straight middle path and edge around the pillar in the center of the room.
Have all pets dismissed before entering because pets like to pull the room and it is just an unnecessary nuisance.
Once the group makes it through and goes up the stairs stop at the entrance for final buffs and resummoning of pets.
Have everyone run in and group up on Sambrog, even ranged, everyone should be right on top of each other.
BE SURE TO CLICK ON THE CRYPT BEFORE RUNNING PAST IT. If you do NOT click on the crypt, you will not get challenge.

As soon as Sambrog's speech is over, all out DPS on Sammy. It does not matter who gets aggro, just do maximum DPS. If the tank loses Sammy just have them taunt all the adds and such.

Partway through the fight he will drop clouds of purple goop, just stand in it it wont do much damage when standing still.
Blue ghosts will also spawn partway through, when this happens burn every CD it's time to burn him down.
The blue ghosts will keep spawning and shoot green lights at Sambrog, this heals him for a large amount every few seconds, as they stack higher, it negates even the best of DPS and the group will fail.

Adds that spawn include a barrow hound some crawlers and wights.

When Sambrog dies, if he dies too slow or the instance just wants to act up, a guant lord and a wight will spawn and the instance is bugged.
Kill them at the same time loot as fast as possible then have everyone run out the way you came in stopping at the base of the stairs and killing the adds, as soon as they die there, have the group leave instance.

It happens more often than not that it bugs so be prepared for it.
But otherwise it is a very quick (7-10 minutes MAX) run and probably one of the easiest and most simple instances to date.

"All that we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us."

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