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 Post subject: Great Barrow - The Maze
PostPosted: 5/5/13 4:49 pm 
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The Maze is a very easy run and can go quickly depending on if the group pays attention and knows the trick to the final fight.
If you need anything else healing but a captain the group might be in trouble.
Once everyone is loaded in and buffed have your tank run forward taking the first left down a passageway that they come to, everyone follows.
Just keep running down this long hallway gathering everything up until you come to a clearing with stairs going down on the left side.
AoE everything down.
After everything is dead have the tank run down the stairs gathering everything up in the area below. The center wight will activate but he will reset when he reaches the stairs.
AoE all the new wights down.
After they are all dead have everyone move down and gather up right on the center with the wight.
After about 75% of his health is down he will summon a bunch of crawlers. The two terrible ones are quite large and punt people everywhere. It is best to move so your backs are against a wall at this point so you dont go flying all over the place and become a useless toy.
Kill the wight first then focus on one crawler then the other. There will be tons of little crawlers exploding creating green clouds, try to be as stationary as possible as moving through the stacked clouds can actually kill you very quickly.

When everything is dead grab the chest and move to the doorway on the other end of the room from which you came down the stairs.
With the tank leading again, have them run straight then take a right at the wall, keep running until you can only go right again, there is a fairly quick left after that then another immediate left where a wight is and a bunch pop out of the ground.
Continuing to follow the tank take the first left down this hallway, you will then take a right turn and follow some stairs winding down, after you come to the bottom of the stairs take the first left and stop in the clearing.
AoE everything down.

Photo from lotro-lorebook

Welcome to the final fight.
If you have a captain this is the easiest fight in the world.
Run down the center stairwell and gather on the boss.
Have the captain use their Valiant Strike for the AoE heal on the group then the captain begins kiting.
The group will be killing the CRAWLING HANDS ONLY!!
Do NOT attack ANYTHING else or you will lose challenge.
Kill 18 of the crawling hands, be sure someone who does not have the side quest for hands is calling out the official count to 18 otherwise it could be bad.
When the group reaches 18 hands killed, start DPS on the boss. Burn him down to 20k, stopping bleeds about 30k morale.
When he reaches 20k and all bleeds are off of the boss, kill the last two hands. ***All DPS OFF***

The boss will get a shield that reflects 5% of all damage done, to include any bleeds on him.
Once this shield wears off (lasts 15 seconds) burn him down as fast as possible. Remember, NO AOES!
The captain should be kiting and working off rallying cries to maintain aggro on the adds.
It is ok to continue killing the crawling hands for defeat responses for your captain.
The second boss will activate as soon as the 20th hand is killed.
Let him chase the captain around until the first boss is dead.
When the 1st boss is dead have the tank single target threat on the other boss (should be marked with skull for easy identification)
Burn the second boss down at leisure, he gets a reflect but it heals the group (similar to captains revealing mark).
Once the second boss is down all remaining adds should disappear.

Congrats on challenge: Maze!

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