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 Post subject: Great Barrow - Thadur
PostPosted: 5/5/13 4:49 pm 
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Having an LM for this instance is very very helpful for disease clear and SI. Make sure they are traited for both of those.

Once the group is ready, have the tank pull the group of 3 wights right up the stairs. Everyone should gather up and freepball it and just AoE like crazy.
After this group is dead, move up to the next group of 3. Kill them quick else the Guant Lord will join in and start stunning everyone, if this happens just AoE its not that bad.
Head down the stairs on the left and kill the hound and two archers.
Systematically pull each group as the tank feels comfortable and burn it all down.
Do not kill the stuff up the stairs on the left until last, as this group activates the next part of the instance.

Once everything is cleared and the final group up the stairs is killed, a limrafn will appear in the center.
Kill it and the next phase starts, there will be 2 limrafn, both in random corners of the large center area.
Get them both in combat ASAP. If you do not you will have to start over with 1. This is true for the remaining parts.
After the 2 die, 3 will spawn, again in random corners, tag and drag to the center for AoEs
After the 3rd dies, you guessed it, 4 will spawn! Tag and drag until they are all dead.
When they are all dead head towards the entrance of the instance, turn left at the base of the stairs into the doors that are now open with a few wights and barrow hounds in it.
When the wights die, the guant lords will activate and probably stun people.
Just AoE all the stuff down and you're on the way to the boss.
Head out and to the right take the newly opened passageway down to Thadur's chamber.
Once everyone goes in have the tank establish aggro and no one attack him, make sure SI is on the healer and tank and LM at all times else this fight could be bad. Anyone who can heal should be.
Once the group DPS's Thadur down enough he will become immune to all damage and a brazier will light up, have someone click it until it lights up.
DO NOT KILL ANY ADDS UNTIL THE BRAZIER IS LIT!! If you kill an add, challenge fails.
Kill the adds once the brazier is lit, then back on Thadur.
Oh but whats this?? He has a buff! +100% Damage.
He is hitting like a freaking truck now, the healer will be overwhelmed shortly.
After a bit longer he will become invulnerable again. This is the crucial stage, as the adds are very weak and low morale.
Once the brazier is lit be sure to drink your ovaltine, i mean kill the adds but be careful, a second buff is now on Thadur AND the adds!
+50% shadow reflect.
So every time you deal damage, Thadur will reflect back and so will any adds that are up. This hurts bad and can overwhelm your healer quickly, hence why everyone who can help heal needs to. Go Greens and Blues on CJs (Pure of Heart or Noble Blood).
After a while he will become invulnerable again, light the final brazier kill the adds and burn him down.
The best option at this point is DoT's. More DoT's More DoT's More DoT's. This still does lots of damage and allows your healer to not want to quit healing.
Congrats you have beaten Thadur Challenge!

"All that we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us."

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