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 Post subject: The Delving of Frór
PostPosted: 11/11/08 1:41 pm 
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Here you will eventually find a very nice instance guide!

Serendrel Edit: 11/11/08 - 7/15/13 It only took near 5 years but we now have a very nice instance guide!

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 Post subject: Re: The Delving of Frór
PostPosted: 7/15/13 2:00 am 
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Updated Delving of Fror as per U11 changes to the Moors:

photo from lotro lorebook.
Bosses Drake boss, top center (where it says "Worms")
Rogmul boss, center
Tree boss, bottom center (where it says "Wood trolls")

Drake Boss: Kill all the worms on the bottom floor and the top floor. Then run off to tree boss and kill it if it is available. It takes about 5 minutes for the drake to spawn, hence why killing the tree then coming back to the drake is what most groups do. Sometimes it can spawn in less time but that is very rare. He does not do anything special, just interrupt as often as possible. Kill respawns of worms with AoE, no big deal. +30% renown/infamy and Commendations.

Tree Boss: Run in, have tanks hold aggro on all the wood trolls, massive AoEs to help burn them down, ALL DPS should be on the tree.
About halfway to 3/4 down a bunch of roots will spawn, Stay on the tree until its dead. +30% renown/infamy and Commendations.

Rogmul Boss: Heavies run in first get aggro on the Rogmul and Urfons.
Kill the Urfons ONE BY ONE. The Urfons do major knockback so everyone needs to be balled up tight in the middle of the platform, if you go into the lava you will die and need to release you will be transported back to GV.
After all the Urfons are dead and DPS starts on the Rogmul, Fumaroles will appear around the perimeter of the platform, have the target assist choose one and ALL DPS should be on that ONE fumarole. They have about 250k morale so as much DPS as possible, no one should be hitting the Rogmul except the tank(s).
Move around the edge being mindful of the spawning Urfons so you dont get punted and burn down all the fumaroles. Once the fumaroles are all dead and pending any creeps showing up, DPS can begin on the Rogmul. The Rogmul will put wounds on people at random but mainly the tank, upon expiration (like Udunion's) it will instantly kill whoever it is on, so it needs to be removed asap every time it appears.
Once the Rogmul dies, head on out, congrats on +40% renown/infamy and commendations.

The Delving boss buffs last 6 hours from the time the boss dies. They total +100% in bonuses and are very nice.
Bear in mind in the moors a raid means 24 and these bosses really do require a full 24 people.

The bosses re-appear after 1 hour of being dead and the side that did not get the buff can kill it and steal it from the other side. So say the freeps got it, creeps wait an hour they can go back in and steal the buff.

The Delving can be accessed for creepside and freepside from ANY Outpost, there is a door behind each. This can only be done when you are out of combat.
If you are on freepside, you can enter it as well through OR (Ost Ringdyr) or EC (Elf Camp). Creeps cannot use these entrances.

If you are on creepside you can enter it as well through DG (Dar Gazag) or OC (Orc Camp). Freeps cannot use these entrances.

Use the map provided to get a better sense of the Delving, but one must run through it many times before it starts to click, even the best and most experienced freeps/creeps have a difficult time navigating the Delving.

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